Naked Rugby Charity Calendar Shoot

“Shoot a calendar full of naked men” you say?
Come up with new and different ways to illustrate Rugby men?
Spend the whole weekend stencilling onto mens chests and adjusting their thongs?
Well, count me in!

That’s what I said anyway, when we had the initial concept meeting for this 2014 charity calendar in aid of the Midlands Air Ambulance and the Bredon Star Rugby Clubhouse fund.

Between Louise Jenkins, Gemma Greenwood and myself, we hashed out an idea for each month that would give people something interesting to look at without being the standard “naked calendar” shoot – concocting various humorous ways in which to get the guys to “play ball”, not least of which was the fabled white women’s size 14 thong which was selected only for those shots where we needed our model to bare all without showing us their entire package – some things need to be left to mystery I feel!!

Special thanks should go to my long-suffering husband who helped style the shoot and who had to endure a full 2 days of naked man flesh whilst uttering such directions as “can you tense your pecs more…” and “just turn slightly to the left, we need to see more light on your buttock”.

Also a big thanks to the guys who truly were amazingly good sports and did a great job of modelling – taking direction well and even coming up with their own ideas and poses by the end of the shoot!

The big “Reveal” night is set for September 28th at Bredon Village Hall, and the Calendar is available for pre-sale for a mere £10 a copy which is great value for such good causes – plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, providing you with saucy entertainment throughout the whole year ahead, so do visit for more details on the launch and how to order your copy.

Big thanks to one and all and lets go raise some money!