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Wedding Dress made from Flowers - whatever next?!

My latest shoot has seen me once again joining forces with 3 of my favourite Cotswold-based suppliers, only this time to bring you something a little different…

We find these days that brides are moving away from traditional wedding attire and more-and-more are keen to stamp their own personality on their big day. One easy way to do this is by choosing something other than the standard wedding dress and this shoot was designed to address that. We put a new twist on the traditional bouquet, which gives brides an option that we’ve never seen before – instead of carrying your flowers, why not wear them instead? Sounds crazy, but we think it works.

Stephanie Saunders of SS Flowers provided her expertise and a stunning range of flowers, all in 2014 floristry colour trends. Armed with our imaginations and our glue guns we spent the day before the shoot designing and creating the corset and are delighted with the results, which look stunning in the shots and literally bring the outfit to life. The colour palette is mirrored in the makeup and styling, provided by the uber-talented Jodi Croft of Face Perfect by Jodi.

Our groom is styled in a striking blue suit which simultaneously contrasts and compliments the bride’s outfit, whilst mirroring the venue’s decor.

We were lucky enough to be given access to Kings Weston House, a fabulous and historic building close to Bristol which is a great setting for any wedding. The featured shots were taken in the main house. We then braved the biting cold and took more shots using some of the features found within the grounds. These push the corset in a slightly different direction and I’ll be posting a selection of these photos in my next blog.

The lovely and fabulous suppliers who contributed to this shoot are;

Stephanie Saunders of Stephanie Saunders Flowers:

Jodi Croft of Face Perfect By Jodi:

Selinna Simms-Juke of Alissia Couture:

Michele Jetzer of Kings Weston House:

Modelled by:
Rachel Anthony & Sam Wells

Assisted by:
Davey Terrific & Sam Connell

From Dream to Scream: Ten Top Tips On How To Avoid Wedding Stress: Part Four: The Caterers


Selecting a caterer can be a tricky one, mainly because there are so many good companies out there, but also because a number of these offer relatively “samey” menu choices. The hard part is working out who can produce a really solid version of said choices. If you want something a little different, it can get even more complicated!

Like many wedding suppliers, caterers get booked well in advance so part of the challenge is finding one that you A) like and who’s B) available. The food’s an important part of your day so it’s vital to make this a priority so that you’re able to guarantee you can hire the company you want.

Start with a bit of online research to narrow it down to around 5 companies that you really like the look of or who have had good reviews from previous customers (maybe friends or family who’ve recently wed or been to a wedding can give you pointers). Once you’ve done this, book a tasting with them; it’s free, so why not enjoy your caterer-booking experience!

It maybe worth trying to push for a deal – don’t ask, don’t get! I’ll probably get lynched for saying this, but sometimes you’ll look at a quote and say “HOW MUCH?!” It’s food after all, not bars of solid gold. However, we all have overheads and lets not forget a caterer has probably some of the biggest in setting up a wedding – they have numerous staff, all the food to buy and time to prepare it plus all their equipment (especially if in a marquee). If you were to prepare the food yourself, you probably could do it cheaper, but would it look as good? Taste as good? Or, be ready all at the same time?!

I was a bit cheeky and told my caterer that I only had a budget of X for food and asked “could I still have the 3 course meal, teas & coffees, evening food & bar staff? “ and he did it all to the budget. Granted, this might not always work, but it’s worth a try right? If nothing else, you might be able to negotiate a little and when it comes to weddings, every penny counts! It IS worth bearing in mind though, that if a company is willing to bargain to give you a better deal, you might not always end up with the best “quality” service, so just ensure it’s the right deal for you!

Also, make sure that if you’re planning to do something a bit out of the ordinary, that your trusted number 2 or wedding co-ordinator has tabs on people and can make calls for you if something is not quite right or if someone is not where they should be! (like at our wedding where the caterer was late for our beach reception!)

A couple of highly reliable and amazing Gloucestershire based caterers I recommend:

Amazing high end food & serving options:

Absolutely fantastic wood fired mobile pizza oven – whatever toppings you want and they even do dessert pizzas!!:

Great high end all round good food: