A picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes all you need is two.

I was thinking along the lines of “true” & “love”  – I certainly didn’t expect “chicken” and “bear” but everyone is different and that’s what makes me love this job!

Emily & James-12

I had a great jaunt in the countryside shooting Emily & James’s pre-wedding shoot last weekend and just had to share a few shots from this gorgeously cute couple.

We hoped across the Cotswolds to Mickleton Farm just outside Chipping Campden to recci their wedding venue for October this year and to have a bit of a play around and get this couple raring to go before the big day!

Why have an Engagement or Pre-wedding shoot?

Not all weddings take place at venues we’ve shot at before, as there are often tucked away and unique places that we haven’t had the pleasure of working at, so if it’s combined with a venue recci, an engagement or pre-wedding shoot can give us a great insight into good areas to shoot on the big day for formal and informal shots as well as those all important couple shots, and it can also help us to identify where there will be good light and possible sunset opportunities too.

Most importantly, a pre-wedding shoot can really calm your nerves so that you feel more comfortable in front of the camera on the big day itself and also helps to create a really great relationship with your chosen tog!

Why do you need a good relationship with your photographer?

If we have an opportunity to get to know you a little better and get to see how you are with the camera, we can therefore gauge your likes and dislikes and really get to know what you’re all about – this helps enormously for the big day itself as we can key in to those things you’ve highlighted to us on your pre-wedding shoot and really focus on what’s important to you.

(Of course, that’s not to say that this can’t be conveyed through conversation if a pre-wedding shoot is not an option, but as they say, preparation is key and this can only help to ensure you and your tog are on the same wavelength).

For this couple, that’s love, laughter and happiness which I think you’ll agree this gorgeous pair have in droves and I can’t wait for their big day now, as I know it’ll be a right giggle too!

A beautiful country-loving couple so in love

                                                       A beautiful country-loving couple so in love

Emily & James-23
Emily & James-20 Emily & James-18

Emily & James-11 Emily & James-8 Emily & James-7
Emily & James-4

Emily & James-15