Farncombe Estate Tweet Meet

Today we were invited to the monthly Cotswold Concierge Tweet Meet which is held on the first Tuesday of every month, each time at different Cotswold based venue.

Today’s meeting was held at the absolutely beautiful Farncombe Estate Conference Centre.

Coach House Conference Centre, Farncombe Estate, Broadway

Coach House Conference Centre, Farncombe Estate, Broadway

The Cotswold Concierge Tweet Meets are fabulous free events open to all local Cotswold business owners – it’s very casual as networking goes and if you are anything like me, you are likely to make as many friends as contacts!

They really have done a super job of bringing Cotswold business together and are just growing strength by strength so it’s a really great thing to get involved with.

All you need to do it to go on Twitter and follow @CotswoldsConcie and the wonderful organisers Mette, Emidy & Tom will be on hand to let you know when and where the next meeting is.

Here are just a few snaps I took looking down the hill to the Coach House where you can book various events and conferences – more of a conference village unlike the stuffiness of some centres I’ve visited in the past – I’d highly recommend this venue for any function big or small, not only does the view sell itself, but with the 5* Dormy House Hotel at the top of the hill and the 5** Foxhill Manor just across the way, you truly are spoilt for choice at this simply fantastic meeting place.

Coach House, Farncombe Estate, Broadway

Coach House, Farncombe Estate, Broadway

Farncombe Tweet Meet-5

Farncombe Tweet Meet-6

Farncombe Tweet Meet-9

Farncombe Tweet Meet-8

Farncombe Tweet Meet-13

Farncombe Tweet Meet-3

Farncombe Tweet Meet-18

Farncombe Tweet Meet-15

Farncombe Tweet Meet-4

Farncombe Tweet Meet-12

And just a few images of some of the conference facilities on offer (they also have really awesome coffee machines – makes a decent latte too which I always find difficult to get hold of at a conference! 😉

Farncombe Tweet Meet-21

Farncombe Tweet Meet-22

Farncombe Tweet Meet-23

Farncombe Tweet Meet-26

Farncombe Tweet Meet-30

Farncombe Tweet Meet-29

Well done Mette & team – you have surpassed yourself once again, I can’t wait to see where the next fab event will be hosted!

Also, for those of you that don’t already know about the fantastic #CotswoldsSheepMystery – do get involved – the prize is a £7000 holiday in the Cotswolds! What better way to acquaint yourselves with all the beauty of the area that to enter and explore!

To enter, simply get onto http://www.cotswoldsmystery.co.uk and give your opinion on “who dun it”!

Good luck!

Stef xxx Sign off2