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Everything changes when you start a family – everybody knows that, even me and I’ve only got a husband and cat to worry about.  Some people think that’s when the fun ends, but our recent portrait shoot with Gem, Richard and their (almost) 1 yr old Esme showed that’s far from being true!

So in love with cute baby Esme

So in love with cute baby Esme

We were asked to immortalise little Esme’s first birthday, exactly one year to the date that Richard and Gem took some ‘bump’ photos at the elegant Blenheim Palace; it was wonderful to return there to capture some really precious moments between the 3 of them – something I’m sure they’ll treasure forever and that Esme will love looking at when she’s old enough.

Let’s be honest, some people make parenting look like hard work and make my husband and I glad we haven’t got kids, but these three are a joy to watch, with Esme receiving all the love and snuggles she can handle with a pinch of firmness and a whole heap of laughter.  This is a seriously happy child (I can see why) and that made for some truly lovely moments for us to capture.

They clearly make a great team and manage to make everything relaxing and fun. When I asked them how they managed to keep the energy levels up and be so fun loving all the time, they said that they just love being big kids and of course, they’re incredibly proud of Esme and in this photographer’s opinion have every reason to be.

I suppose I’ve always been afraid of parenthood and that it would ruin our ability to have fun and be silly, but I must admit that seeing this fun-loving, care-free young family rolling around in the Autumn leaves, unafraid of make funny noises to entertain their little one and their ability to be generally silly in public, has made me question all my concerns about what life would be like after birth. Who knows, maybe it’s my turn next?

And on that bombshell, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite shots from this happy beautiful family.

Wishing Gem, Richard & Esme all the happiness & love they can handle (that’s quite a lot in this case!)

Fun, love & happiness in the grounds of Blenheim Palace

Fun, love & happiness in the grounds of Blenheim Palace

Richard & baby Esme

Richard & baby Esme

The family blow out the candle for Esme's first birthday

The family blow out the candle for Esme’s first birthday

Capturing a "family portrait" moment as Esme takes control of the frame!

Capturing a “family portrait” moment as Esme takes control of the frame!

Baby Esme in front of her Palace

Baby Esme in front of her Palace

Rolling around in the grass, the laughter keeps flowing with this bubbly lot

Rolling around in the grass, the laughter keeps flowing with this bubbly lot

Esme claps in wonderment at the falling Autumn leaves

Esme claps in wonderment at the falling Autumn leaves

Mum & Esme in an oh so sweet moment

Mum & Esme in an oh so sweet moment

Esme giggles as Gem trots around the Palace grounds pretending to be a horse!

Esme giggles as Gem trots around the Palace grounds pretending to be a horse!

Going for a ride - Gem takes Esme up on her shoulders to see the world through her eyes

Going for a ride – Gem takes Esme up on her shoulders to see the world through her eyes

A lovely family moment

A lovely family moment

Gem & Richard celebrate by giving Esme "the bumps" for the first time - she loves it of course!

Gem & Richard celebrate by giving Esme “the bumps” for the first time – she loves it of course!

If you’re looking for that ideal Christmas present, we’re currently holding the very special reduced rate of just £150* for our Portrait Shoot Sessions.

To book please get in touch on

 * Usual price of £250. £150 covers one-two hour portrait shoot and mileage within 10 miles of Cheltenham centre. For venues outside this radius a standard fee of 55p per mile is chargeable. Valid for bookings made by 24th December 2014.

Behind The Lens

People always imagine that the ‘creative’ industry is a glamorous world, filled with exciting work by day and wild parties by night. Now, I have to say that I love my job and am absolutely thrilled to be able to get up and do what I love everyday BUT, it’s not always as glamorous as you might think and often entails far longer working hours than the average day job for nearly everyone involved, which can be a lot of people!

I wrote this blog post as a very brief look behind the scenes of what goes on before and during a typical shoot, and a nod to all those unsung heroes whose talent and professionalism under pressure make a photoshoot happen.
More often than not those beautifully styled shots that you see online or in a magazine can take hours to set up and weeks or months to organise!

It all starts with a brief or a brainstorm.

I usually knock on my husband’s office door saying “I’ve got this shoot coming up – can you help me with it?”

We’re both quite creative bods and as the old saying goes, two heads are indeed (usually) better than one! We often sit scratching our heads working out a plan of action on how to attack a shoot; covering anything from logistics, sourcing specific models, contemplating themes and styling, right through to creating or resolving technical elements. For instance on the featured shoot, we weren’t at all sure how to approach fastening the flowers to the corset (should they be wired? Wouldn’t that require a mesh over the corset? Then you wouldn’t see the shape of the corset?). There was a whole debate over methods and it was a combination of the florist and the dress designer working together that led us to our answer of using a glue gun!

Once we’ve ironed out the basics elements we want to achieve from the shoot, it’s time to get cracking.

Very often a stylist will be drafted in to source clothing, props & accessories to suitably style the shoot with. On a smaller shoot we do it in-house, but it just depends how much there is to do as it can be rather time consuming making calls, e-mailing & generally running around!

We always used to use Mood Boards, but recent times have steered us towards the use of Pinterest to pick out colours, hair & make-up styles, and even shot styles for putting together a visual overview for all involved to keep track of what is liked and to ensure we’re bang on trend!

If there is a clothes/dress designer involved, it can be months prior to the shoot that they then get started on the bare bones of an outfit based on meetings and visuals created to illustrate the subject we’ll be shooting.
Many other suppliers will be on standby at this point, quietly popping things to one side or ordering things in such as accessories, decorations and general props – depends on the shoot: if it’s a wedding focused shoot we have lots of companies involved usually working on all the different elements but with the same styling in mind – from table runners to candelabras to centrepieces and cake makers! For fashion shoots, it’s more about the products. If it’s a glam dress or outfit, it demands a statement necklace and earrings from a high end jeweller and super stylish shoes (and maybe a super stylish man to go with it)!

Suffice to say, shoot day is always a LONG day – this is where our lovely assistants earn their worth by selflessly lugging, running, panting, sweating, ironing, moving, hitching, shifting & packing – the poor things, but we all paid our dues at one point in life! On our recent shoot we were lucky enough to have our amazing photography assistant Sam Connell, also shoot some fab Behind The Lens shots for us (featured above).
All contributors to the shoot usually either deliver their products for us to use accordingly or depending on what the product is, they may stay at the shoot to ensure all runs smoothly and their product is captured to their specification (no pressure then)! Sometimes, it’s better if a client stays – not only can they sign off on shots, but they can also take responsibility for their items (had a client leave us with £50K worth of jewellery the other day and my husband had to spend the day doubling as a security guard!), but then again there is also that saying”too many cooks….”

We can have anything from a skeleton crew of 3 people (me, hair & make-up artist & model) up to 10 or 20 depending on the complexity of the shoot; me, creative director, assistant(s), hair & make-up artist , model(s), stylist, dress designer/client, dresser, florist, the list goes on…..and if it wasn’t for all these people and all the wonderful things they contribute in their own fields, we would never see the amazing photography we see every day in the media and online. Its a massive group effort to get these shoots to look as amazing and flawless as they do, with people working tirelessly often for very little (if any) money, to try and create something that people will stop and look at.

Don’t get me wrong, you do need to know that the team you pull together can achieve the results you envisaged. I always feel so fired up when doing a shoot and when working on the results of one, I feel like I can take on the world and really make a difference with the images I leave behind.

I leave you with a rather heartwarming quote about the merits of working together with talented people “the strength of the team is each member and the strength of each member is the team.”
I truly believe that.

Wedding Dress made from Flowers - whatever next?!

My latest shoot has seen me once again joining forces with 3 of my favourite Cotswold-based suppliers, only this time to bring you something a little different…

We find these days that brides are moving away from traditional wedding attire and more-and-more are keen to stamp their own personality on their big day. One easy way to do this is by choosing something other than the standard wedding dress and this shoot was designed to address that. We put a new twist on the traditional bouquet, which gives brides an option that we’ve never seen before – instead of carrying your flowers, why not wear them instead? Sounds crazy, but we think it works.

Stephanie Saunders of SS Flowers provided her expertise and a stunning range of flowers, all in 2014 floristry colour trends. Armed with our imaginations and our glue guns we spent the day before the shoot designing and creating the corset and are delighted with the results, which look stunning in the shots and literally bring the outfit to life. The colour palette is mirrored in the makeup and styling, provided by the uber-talented Jodi Croft of Face Perfect by Jodi.

Our groom is styled in a striking blue suit which simultaneously contrasts and compliments the bride’s outfit, whilst mirroring the venue’s decor.

We were lucky enough to be given access to Kings Weston House, a fabulous and historic building close to Bristol which is a great setting for any wedding. The featured shots were taken in the main house. We then braved the biting cold and took more shots using some of the features found within the grounds. These push the corset in a slightly different direction and I’ll be posting a selection of these photos in my next blog.

The lovely and fabulous suppliers who contributed to this shoot are;

Stephanie Saunders of Stephanie Saunders Flowers:

Jodi Croft of Face Perfect By Jodi:

Selinna Simms-Juke of Alissia Couture:

Michele Jetzer of Kings Weston House:

Modelled by:
Rachel Anthony & Sam Wells

Assisted by:
Davey Terrific & Sam Connell

From Dream to Scream: Ten Top Tips On How To Avoid Wedding Stress: Part Four: The Caterers


Selecting a caterer can be a tricky one, mainly because there are so many good companies out there, but also because a number of these offer relatively “samey” menu choices. The hard part is working out who can produce a really solid version of said choices. If you want something a little different, it can get even more complicated!

Like many wedding suppliers, caterers get booked well in advance so part of the challenge is finding one that you A) like and who’s B) available. The food’s an important part of your day so it’s vital to make this a priority so that you’re able to guarantee you can hire the company you want.

Start with a bit of online research to narrow it down to around 5 companies that you really like the look of or who have had good reviews from previous customers (maybe friends or family who’ve recently wed or been to a wedding can give you pointers). Once you’ve done this, book a tasting with them; it’s free, so why not enjoy your caterer-booking experience!

It maybe worth trying to push for a deal – don’t ask, don’t get! I’ll probably get lynched for saying this, but sometimes you’ll look at a quote and say “HOW MUCH?!” It’s food after all, not bars of solid gold. However, we all have overheads and lets not forget a caterer has probably some of the biggest in setting up a wedding – they have numerous staff, all the food to buy and time to prepare it plus all their equipment (especially if in a marquee). If you were to prepare the food yourself, you probably could do it cheaper, but would it look as good? Taste as good? Or, be ready all at the same time?!

I was a bit cheeky and told my caterer that I only had a budget of X for food and asked “could I still have the 3 course meal, teas & coffees, evening food & bar staff? “ and he did it all to the budget. Granted, this might not always work, but it’s worth a try right? If nothing else, you might be able to negotiate a little and when it comes to weddings, every penny counts! It IS worth bearing in mind though, that if a company is willing to bargain to give you a better deal, you might not always end up with the best “quality” service, so just ensure it’s the right deal for you!

Also, make sure that if you’re planning to do something a bit out of the ordinary, that your trusted number 2 or wedding co-ordinator has tabs on people and can make calls for you if something is not quite right or if someone is not where they should be! (like at our wedding where the caterer was late for our beach reception!)

A couple of highly reliable and amazing Gloucestershire based caterers I recommend:

Amazing high end food & serving options:

Absolutely fantastic wood fired mobile pizza oven – whatever toppings you want and they even do dessert pizzas!!:

Great high end all round good food:

From Dream to Scream: 10 Top Tips On How To Avoid Wedding Stress Part 3: Finding The Perfect Venue

This is a biggy; probably the most important element as it can make or break an atmosphere or theme. I’d suggest (if possible) physically going round the venues instead of cruising the interwebs and trying to gauge a venue by the pictures on their website. Take a camera with you (even if it’s just using your phone’s camera) as this can be very useful when you’ve left a venue as you can look back and assess each location.

If you’re keen to get great photos of your wedding then I strongly recommend looking out for lots of natural light and big windows, especially if your ceremony is at your reception venue, but it’s also worth considering if you’re having a Church wedding. Many times in the past I’ve had to shoot a wedding ceremony at a licenced venue, only to find that they’ve managed to licence the one room with no natural light, an old table in a corner and no interesting features! Most venues seem more aware of this these days and I only mention it because often the photographer will not be able to use flash during the ceremony itself, so in order to get some nice results, you ideally want a light room with nice features.

DO: hire a planner if you can afford it. Or, at the very least, ensure that someone who’s very reliable and who will be there on the day to act as your No.2 helps you with the planning – you may not want this to be a family member as you’d prefer them to be able to completely relax on the day rather than having ‘wedding chores’ to take care of, so perhaps choose a trusted friend instead.

So, the venue is a big deal and it needs to be right, but equally you need to get on with certain members of staff as you’ll probably be speaking to them quite a bit in the run-up to your wedding. Most managed venues have an “Event Coordinator” or Manager who’ll be on-hand to help you with your wedding and will usually deal with most trivial problems on the day without you ever realising! My advice would be to get to know the person who’ll be handling your big day and try to meet them at each venue you visit whilst you’re deciding where to book.

TIP: Ask who the venue use for catering and other services as they’ll be able to point you in the right direction with good and reliable suppliers.

DON’T: Keep it all to yourself. I hired a private house with no event coordinator or planner (anyone would think I was testing myself!) and even though I wrote a list of names and numbers of suppliers for my sister, I didn’t actually give her any real instructions for the day. Added to that, she wasn’t really involved in the planning, so it was much easier for me to handle things as they cropped up on the day, but this meant that I was making phone calls and dealing with suppliers myself on the wedding morning. Not ideal!

A couple of local venues I’d highly recommend:

Grade II listed stately home with various marquee options and a very cool underground bar!:

Beautiful countryside converted barn:

Awesome castle on a lake:

From Dream to Scream: 10 Top Tips On How To Avoid Wedding Stress  Part Two: How easy is it to find THE DRESS?

This is the part of the wedding process that most women dream about and look forward to the most. That is until they actually go shopping for one, at which point mouths dry up, stomachs are in knots and brain fade sets in. What if I can’t find one that suits ME? What if they all look horrible, or worse, what if I look horrible in them? Most of all, what if I find the dress of my dreams but it’s totally out of my budget?!

Shopping for THE DRESS can get a little stressful if you’re not careful, so here are a few tips based on my own experiences and those of brides I’ve worked with:

Everyone will have an opinion. If you’re lucky, your family and friends will be nothing but supportive about your choice of dress; after all, it’s your wedding and you know what you want (in theory), but some people can be a little more vocal and critical – they probably think they’re being helpful but are in fact just making a big decision all the more difficult. If this happens to you, just try to remember that ultimately this is for you and you alone, regardless of who’s paying for the dress, and that it’s you who has to feel comfortable and special on your big day. If you really want that knee-length dress covered on polka dots then stick to your guns! You’ll only regret it if you let the opinions of others sway you.

Bridal shops can be a minefield. Most are very pleasant I’m sure, but too many brides I’ve worked with have mentioned that some shop staff aren’t always as lovely as they’d have hoped. Some of the bridal shops I visited on my own journey were owned or staffed by some of the snippiest women I’ve ever encountered, which was such a shame because it took away from what should have been a fun day with girl friends and family. In my head, I expected to go into the appointments to be greeted with a glass of bubbly and a warm smile, followed by staff rushing around me to show me all their beautiful dresses and accessories (perhaps I expected too much?). In reality, in some shops (who shall remain nameless) I felt as though my being there was somehow a terrible inconvenience and I was quite taken aback by how unhelpful and rude the staff were. That being said, there are of course plenty of wonderful shops and boutiques out there whose main aim is to make your dress shopping experience a special one; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of these during my time in the wedding industry and have linked a couple of these below.

Make more than one day out of shopping for THE DRESS. I know most of you will anyway, but there’s good reason for it (as if you needed an excuse). If you have enough time before the big day, I’d recommend making some appointments and spending your first outing visiting bridal shops with a good friend – friends somehow seem able to tell you what looks good and what doesn’t in an honest way that just we can’t always take from our Mothers.

It’s customary for the Mother of the Bride to buy her daughter’s wedding dress – naturally not everyone will work like this but on your second (or third) outing, nearer to the time of needing to buy the dress, take your Mother. Regardless of whether or not she’s paying for the dress she’s sure to want to be involved in this part of the process, and by now you’ll have a good idea of what you want and what looks good so you’ll be able to show her around with confidence.

Make sure you visit more than one shop / boutique and where possible, get your friend, sister or mum to take a snapshot of you in the dress. Bridal shops seem to vary on their rules about this but it’s really handy to look back on once you’ve got to the café and you’re chatting through all the various styles you’ve seen or tried on during the day!

TIP: Bridal shops vary wildly in their lead times for producing your final dress so if you see something you like, be sure to enquire about the production time. Mine had a lead time of 4 months so it was a good thing I didn’t leave it too late.

A few local Bridal shops and boutiques I recommend:

Original Vintage & Inspired Vintage One-to-One Boutique:

Bespoke Couture Bridalwear & Corsetry:

Bridalwear Shop:

Bridalwear Shop & Boutique:

From Dream to Scream: 10 Top Tips On How To Avoid Wedding Stress Part One: Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail

If you’re anything like me, the thought of planning your own wedding not only makes your skin tingle with excitement, but also scares the pants off you!

I planned my own wedding thinking it would be a breeze, as half of my life is spent either photographing weddings or organising photographic shoots, so I’ve seen my fair share of weddings and am well-versed at dealing with multiple suppliers and bringing them together. However, I don’t know whether it was down to it being MY wedding, or just that it’s a totally different ball game planning such an important day, but I have to admit that if I did it all again, I would definitely call on more help, and it certainly gave me a new respect for Wedding Planners!

Although most of us like to think we’re super-organised and can multitask with the best of them, most of us don’t actually do event planning for a living and so the very notion of bringing together multiple suppliers who you’ve never worked with before to create a day that absolutely HAS to be the best day of your life is a very brave, and some might say, ridiculous notion!

So this is the first of 10 parts giving you a Do’s & Don’ts Tips List that I’ve put together based on my own experiences and those of other weddings I’ve been involved with, to help those of you about to embark on your wedding journey together to take everything in your stride and to sidestep the more stressful moments!

So, my top tip for part one revolves around planning:

DO: Think about hiring a Wedding Planner. Many of you might not consider a Wedding Planner or would think of them as an unnecessary additional expense, but if you’re planning to do much more than elope to Gretna Green I think it’s worth having someone on-board who has prior experience of putting a wedding together.

Even if budgets are a bit tight or you think you know exactly what you want (I know I did), a planner can still be extremely beneficial. It’s important to remember that they’re not there to take your ideas away from you and to give you something you don’t want; they’re there to work with you and to realise your dreams (hopefully!) without you having to do all the donkey work! Many planners are also skilled stylists and they can provide ideas for you if you’re unsure, as they’ll have experience with what works and what doesn’t, but ultimately whatever they do will have your seal of approval.

DON’T: Bite off more than you can chew. I’m loathe to admit, this was probably me. During the planning phase I was working full time whilst juggling my own business and found that putting together even a modestly-sized wedding can become a full time job in itself! I found that for a time it took over and I would be tossing and turning at night worrying about silly things that I couldn’t possibly control, such as how long it would take us to decorate the Tipi the day before the wedding, and what would happen if the loo backed up in the house and who would fix it? Would I find myself in my wedding dress, wielding a plunger whilst frantically yelling “don’t worry Auntie Linda, I’ve nearly fixed it!”?! If you have someone to take control of the day, worries like these are taken care of and so won’t be your concern. Choosing to have part or all of the day at a managed venue can help as they can often provide you with a dedicated wedding co-ordinator who works for them, but whatever you do, make sure that you allow time for you! It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience so try to let someone else do Lion’s share of the worrying!

Regardless of whether you work with a planner or decide to do it all yourself, you’re going to find yourself faced with the task of deciding which suppliers to use and believe me, it can be a minefield. Who’s reliable? Who’s good? Who can we afford?
I’ve broken down the main wedding supplier “elements” into different chapters and will post a new one each week with my personal recommendations for each one. Remember, they need to be booked well in advance of your wedding otherwise you risk disappointment when your chosen supplier’s already busy on your date. As a wedding photographer I’ve already taken bookings for 2015 and have even had enquiries for 2016!

What I will say is this: yes, the big things are important. BUT, don’t get so bogged down with the big things that you forget the little details, and don’t spend your whole day trying to ‘create’ your perfect wedding, just let it happen! I’ve seen many couples miss some of the magic moments because of this and both my husband and I were guilty of it at our own wedding – in the morning when I should have been enjoying a relaxing pampering and a glass of bubbly with my family and girlfriends, I found myself making frantic calls to our vintage coach supplier as they hadn’t arrived on time to collect our guests, whilst at our evening reception, my husband was so busy trying to sort out both our DJ and band who’d decided to arrive at the wrong times that he missed half the dinner, and I know he was looking forward to the food!

Some Wedding Planners and Stylists I’d recommend:

Wedding Planning and Styling from start to finish:

Wedding Venue Stylist:

International Wedding Planner:

Bespoke Wedding Planning & Co-ordination:

I hope this has been useful to you and please keep your eyes peeled for next Monday’s chapter, which will be all about The Dress!

Feel free to get in touch with me on

Bredon Star RFC 2014 Charity Calendar

I was thrilled to be invited to the “big reveal” of the Bredon Star Rugby Charity Calendar on Saturday last week and how revealing it was! It was a great evening with a brilliant turnout and the rugby boys were on top form, plus, I hear that lots of calendars were sold on the night let alone the pre-sales.

The calendar was Louise and Gemma’s brainchild and having shot a charity calendar for the Midlands Air Ambulance a few years ago, I was so happy when they asked me to come back and get involved with this fun and worthwhile project.

Louise gave a great speech at the launch and made me blush with pride at her wonderful and lovely thank you for the shots and for my help with putting the calendar together (only backed up by the cheers and heckles from the Rugby boys including such lines as “it was such a hardship for her” and “she loved it!”). There was also an auction featuring the “golden rugby ball” from the shoot (keep an eye out for that one!) signed by the whole team plus a few celebs too, and some special edition prints signed by local celebs which raised even more cash for the causes.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Ladies Night which is just round the corner now on 8th November. I hear that some lovely select members of the team have volunteered to serve the ladies all evening – rather scantily clad I believe too 😉 As well that, there’s an opportunity to grab some presents from the Christmas market stalls and there’s even an auction of promises!

The aim of course, is to raise as much money as possibly for the Midlands Air Ambulance and for Bredon RFC Clubhouse. To give you a little background, the Air Ambulance are not backed by the Government – they are funded purely through fundraising efforts of people like Bredon RFC and it costs a massive £6 million a year to run so they need as much help from the public as possible. Each callout costs over £1000 alone and they are currently saving the pennies for a £3 million aircraft that can operate outside of daylight hours so that they can run 24 hours a day.

At £10 a pop the calendar is a (saucy) steal and I urge you all to go and secure yourselves a copy from this instant! You can also find tickets for the Ladies night through this link as well – hope to see you there! 😉

Naked Rugby Charity Calendar Shoot

“Shoot a calendar full of naked men” you say?
Come up with new and different ways to illustrate Rugby men?
Spend the whole weekend stencilling onto mens chests and adjusting their thongs?
Well, count me in!

That’s what I said anyway, when we had the initial concept meeting for this 2014 charity calendar in aid of the Midlands Air Ambulance and the Bredon Star Rugby Clubhouse fund.

Between Louise Jenkins, Gemma Greenwood and myself, we hashed out an idea for each month that would give people something interesting to look at without being the standard “naked calendar” shoot – concocting various humorous ways in which to get the guys to “play ball”, not least of which was the fabled white women’s size 14 thong which was selected only for those shots where we needed our model to bare all without showing us their entire package – some things need to be left to mystery I feel!!

Special thanks should go to my long-suffering husband who helped style the shoot and who had to endure a full 2 days of naked man flesh whilst uttering such directions as “can you tense your pecs more…” and “just turn slightly to the left, we need to see more light on your buttock”.

Also a big thanks to the guys who truly were amazingly good sports and did a great job of modelling – taking direction well and even coming up with their own ideas and poses by the end of the shoot!

The big “Reveal” night is set for September 28th at Bredon Village Hall, and the Calendar is available for pre-sale for a mere £10 a copy which is great value for such good causes – plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, providing you with saucy entertainment throughout the whole year ahead, so do visit for more details on the launch and how to order your copy.

Big thanks to one and all and lets go raise some money!

It was such a whirl wind when I shot the Gatsby themed shoot at Ingleside House (what with my own wedding, honeymoon and back-to-back shoots that followed) that I thought I would recap over the amazing day and share a mini montage I have put together of some more of the shots.

We worked extremely hard to get the shoot planned and executed prior to the release of the Great Gatsby movie this year, pulling everything together within 2 weeks. We wanted to stand out from the crowd, not just doing another “vintage” shoot. I wanted to inject an urban element using stylised lighting and shoot from a fashion/editorial perspective. Everyone worked amazingly well together and really got stuck in. It was a bit crazy having so many models on set and trying to get the shots, but we did it! Many people thought the main group shot was a selection of shots that I had “comp’d” together, but I’m proud to say that we did it in one!

I have to say, I felt extremely well supported by everyone who gave up their time to get involved in this shoot and we are super proud of the results – especially since the article came out in Cotswold Style Magazine and finding out that we’d landed on the cover – what a fab day for Photography By Stefanie!

I’ve added the link to the online article below for anyone who missed it when it came out and for full credits on this amazingly fun job.

Ingleside House is an amazingly unique venue with loads of interesting spaces so when Kelly and I first chatted about this shoot I was keen to explore the different beautiful rooms and alcoves. It struck me that not only is it a beautiful wedding venue, but it works brilliantly for anything from big corporate do’s using either the house or the massive Barn Theatre, through to being a great place to hold a massive house party – especially with the uber-cool underground bar! I really wish that when I was planning my wedding I’d known about Ingleside House – we would have booked it in a heartbeat and it would have saved a lot of people travelling all the way to Suffolk! But we loved our big day nevertheless and time has flown by already, with more shoots planned, so watch this space……..