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It’s been an amazing year filled with some truly beautiful and inspiring weddings but I think we see enough of that on social media, so I’ve dug out a few of my favourite moments from weddings this year, which belong on the Wedding Bonus DVD, if such a thing existed.  Some are romantic, some are super-cute, some are just downright hilarious; I hope you enjoy them as much I did capturing them…..

The moment this stunning bride first saw her makeup…..ian-sally-wedding-079

The moment these bridesmaids went for a final pre-ceremony selfie….andrew-sarah-059

The moment this bride thanked her mum for being there for her……jessica-david-032

The moment after the bride’s mum and sister saw her for the first time in her dress….ian-sally-wedding-246

The moment they did shots to calm the bride’s nerves….jessica-david-110

The moment the veil literally blew away….jana-richard-69-2

The moment the little girl screamed for a tiara of her own…..rachel-christos-115

The moment the Best Man revealed his feminine side….tara-david-254

The moment this bride got all her ducks in a row (well, swans actually)…..jana-richard-230

The moment this groom took a selfie with an unsuspecting me in it….rachel-christos-339

The moment this usher had had enough…..jessica-david-254

The moment when the bridesmaids were trying to make the baby smile and nearly fell down the hill themselves….rachel-christos-348

The moment this bride revealed a personalised wedding dress to her hubby….tara-david-298

The moment she took a deep breath to steady herself….ian-sally-wedding-192

The moment he slapped her during the speeches (harmlessly I might add)….tara-david-442

The moment they got in a bit of last minute dance practice….rachel-christos-367

The moment the magician showed up….jessica-david-581

The moment she laughed in his face at the alter….ian-sally-wedding-384

The moment the drunk Uncle worked is magic….jana-richard-259

The moment the kids all looked at me at once (not easy)……ian-sally-wedding-541

And my personal favourite – the moment the helicopter owned by the manager of a very famous football club landed as we were in the middle of taking a lovely serene couple shot, and by way of apology, the passenger gifted this lucky couple a 15 minute flight over the Cotswolds – what an epic way to end their romantic day and this 2016 roundup….


I hope you’ve enjoyed this, featured within this blog are the following locations:

Foxhill Manor

The Bear of Rodborough

Wyck Hill House Hotel

Ellenborough Park

The Lynch Country House

I wish you all a very happy New Year, see you in 2017!!

Stef X


From Dream to Scream: 10 Top Tips On How To Avoid Wedding Stress  Part Two: How easy is it to find THE DRESS?

This is the part of the wedding process that most women dream about and look forward to the most. That is until they actually go shopping for one, at which point mouths dry up, stomachs are in knots and brain fade sets in. What if I can’t find one that suits ME? What if they all look horrible, or worse, what if I look horrible in them? Most of all, what if I find the dress of my dreams but it’s totally out of my budget?!

Shopping for THE DRESS can get a little stressful if you’re not careful, so here are a few tips based on my own experiences and those of brides I’ve worked with:

Everyone will have an opinion. If you’re lucky, your family and friends will be nothing but supportive about your choice of dress; after all, it’s your wedding and you know what you want (in theory), but some people can be a little more vocal and critical – they probably think they’re being helpful but are in fact just making a big decision all the more difficult. If this happens to you, just try to remember that ultimately this is for you and you alone, regardless of who’s paying for the dress, and that it’s you who has to feel comfortable and special on your big day. If you really want that knee-length dress covered on polka dots then stick to your guns! You’ll only regret it if you let the opinions of others sway you.

Bridal shops can be a minefield. Most are very pleasant I’m sure, but too many brides I’ve worked with have mentioned that some shop staff aren’t always as lovely as they’d have hoped. Some of the bridal shops I visited on my own journey were owned or staffed by some of the snippiest women I’ve ever encountered, which was such a shame because it took away from what should have been a fun day with girl friends and family. In my head, I expected to go into the appointments to be greeted with a glass of bubbly and a warm smile, followed by staff rushing around me to show me all their beautiful dresses and accessories (perhaps I expected too much?). In reality, in some shops (who shall remain nameless) I felt as though my being there was somehow a terrible inconvenience and I was quite taken aback by how unhelpful and rude the staff were. That being said, there are of course plenty of wonderful shops and boutiques out there whose main aim is to make your dress shopping experience a special one; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of these during my time in the wedding industry and have linked a couple of these below.

Make more than one day out of shopping for THE DRESS. I know most of you will anyway, but there’s good reason for it (as if you needed an excuse). If you have enough time before the big day, I’d recommend making some appointments and spending your first outing visiting bridal shops with a good friend – friends somehow seem able to tell you what looks good and what doesn’t in an honest way that just we can’t always take from our Mothers.

It’s customary for the Mother of the Bride to buy her daughter’s wedding dress – naturally not everyone will work like this but on your second (or third) outing, nearer to the time of needing to buy the dress, take your Mother. Regardless of whether or not she’s paying for the dress she’s sure to want to be involved in this part of the process, and by now you’ll have a good idea of what you want and what looks good so you’ll be able to show her around with confidence.

Make sure you visit more than one shop / boutique and where possible, get your friend, sister or mum to take a snapshot of you in the dress. Bridal shops seem to vary on their rules about this but it’s really handy to look back on once you’ve got to the café and you’re chatting through all the various styles you’ve seen or tried on during the day!

TIP: Bridal shops vary wildly in their lead times for producing your final dress so if you see something you like, be sure to enquire about the production time. Mine had a lead time of 4 months so it was a good thing I didn’t leave it too late.

A few local Bridal shops and boutiques I recommend:

Original Vintage & Inspired Vintage One-to-One Boutique:

Bespoke Couture Bridalwear & Corsetry:

Bridalwear Shop:

Bridalwear Shop & Boutique: