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If love really was a drug, then this gorgeous couple would be high as kites! 

There's no place like love and Jo & Chris epitomise this right here. She wears: Charlotte Balbier dress from Shoes: Else Chiante. Flowers by He wears: suit from

There’s no place like love and Jo & Chris epitomise this right here.
She wears: Charlotte Balbier dress from Shoes: Else Chiante. Flowers by
He wears: suit from

As the year comes to a close, here’s one wedding we haven’t yet had time to talk about which we shot back in August – how time flies! Although we ended up having our wedding in Suffolk, being locally-based, Deer Park was one of the venues we seriously considered for our own wedding, so it was a treat to return there as the official photographers for Jo & Chris’s big day back in August.  What a day it was!

In the morning, I whizzed off to the mother of the bride’s house where Jo, mum, daughter and bridesmaids were all getting ready for the day ahead.  I have to say that it’s not often that the bride is more calm than everyone else, but, knowing what she wanted from start to finish, Jo had planned this day with meticulous and careful consideration so the day itself was a set to be a real celebration and that’s evident from the warmth and happiness that can be seen in every moment. The ladies had the pleasure of being beautified by Jodi of Face Perfectwho we’ve worked with many times and did a sterling job as always.

Here’s an idea for couples where one or both of you are particularly forgetful – this clever pair managed to combine their wedding day with the Groom’s birthday so there’ll be no excuses for ever forgetting the wedding anniversary! This meant it was a double whammy for Groom Chris, so once everyone was dressed in their wedding finery it was off to their local for with a couple of celebratory pints & a cigar or two.  One of the biggest advantages of having two photographers is that whilst one is with the girls in the morning, the other can be with the guys, so nothing goes un-captured!

Included in this was Chris & Jo’s son Bobby who had the most dapper baker boy hat we’ve ever seen, making for some brilliant candid shots – he wasn’t keen on getting dressed up, so well done to Chris’s Mum Maria for encouraging him!

It’s so lovely when a bride makes you feel part of the big day and both Jo & her mum welcomed me in with coffee on tap and lots of lovely nibbles to fuel up on – quite a treat! Jo had her beautiful daughter Danielle as Chief Bridesmaid and with everyone nearly ready, I grabbed some shots of those all important finishing touches.

As wedding venues go, we have to say that Deer Park is a superb venue. Surrounded by simply stunning vistas across Worcestershire and beyond, with a beautiful Oak-panelled ceremony room and a contemporary yet rustic barn for the reception with panoramic views, manicured lawns & decking & great staff to-boot, you’d be hard pressed to find fault here! If you’re lucky you’ll even catch a glimpse of the resident herd of deer.

Jo made for a very elegant bride and we loved these classic flowers by Simply Flowers.

This organised duo even had their own beautifully vintage signs made up in their wedding colours by the Grooms’ crafty brother Gareth & upon arrival, it was a very special moment as she turned to her Dad outside the ceremony room and took a deep breath….

Left to right bridesmaids: Daughter Danielle, little Esme, Cerys & Freya and Joanne with proud dad.

Left to right bridesmaids: Daughter Danielle, little Esme, Cerys & Freya and Joanne with proud dad.

Jo’s Charlotte Balbier dress wowed the congregation and the ceremony went off without a hitch (despite the groom getting so hot under the collar he had to de-robe immediately after the vows!)

With formalities completed, the fun really started. Jo & Chris wanted to create a group shot of all of their guests surrounding them to make the shape of a heart. Corralling guests into any kind of organised formation is tough at the best of times, made harder on this occassion by our good friend the British Weather, which treated us to a shower. We were however very lucky as the rain decided to give us a few minute’s reprieve and all the guests were game, so we quickly organised our heart with my husband David on “herding duty” and me up on a (very high) wall composing the shot – we think you’ll agree it was worth the effort!

Love will save the day - encompassed by friends and family, one heart to rule them all.

Love will save the day – encompassed by friends and family, one heart to rule them all!

We have found it the past that there can sometimes be a lull between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast but this couple had it sussed when it came to keeping everyone happy and it was all fun, games and entertainment from here-on in with some fun group shots, fabulous country style skittles, giant snakes & ladders, handmade chocs and even personalised sweets (plus a few well-earned beverages) before the sit down reception began.

We absolutely loved this very rustic wedding sign made by Chris’s brother, Gareth.

Vintage signage hand made by brother of the Groom, Gareth

Vintage signage hand made by brother of the Groom, Gareth

Of course, we always ensure we make time for some family and romantic couple shots too!

Plus a couple of touching images to commemorate four generations & remember family that could not be present

No wedding would be complete without speeches & dinner, and the old adage of “keep it simple” is key.

It was probably the shortest Groom’s speech known to man with the words “Yeah, we just want to say thanks for coming” accompanied by a thumbs up & a cheers, but this had the whole room in roaring with laughter.

It was then followed by his father’s speech, which got off to a hilarious start as he produced a comedically-long scroll – all this further highlighted what a fun bunch they are.

Time to cut the beautiful cake supplied by Sandra Pugh of Cakes By Sandra.

All that was left to do was party and that is what this couple & their guests did in style. We can’t recommend Deer Park highly enough for views & locations to shoot, quality of food, ease of access, variety of spaces and general comfort – this is one spot with it all and I think Jo & Chris will agree, it made for a perfect setting for their special day in more ways than one!

 This wedding was such a joy to be a part of, and this last image captures how we feel about the whole thing.


Daughter Danielle Jumps for joy!

Daughter Danielle Jumps for joy!

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Wedding Credits:

Photography: Stefanie Calleja-Gera & Davey Terrific

Photography By Stefanie

Hair & make-up styling: Jodi Croft

Face Perfect By Jodi

Wedding Dress: Charlotte Balbier, The Bridal Room Broadway

Groom’s suit: Beaus & Balls suit hire of Gloucester

Wedding Flowers: Simply Flowers

Wedding Cake: Sandra Pugh of Cakes By Sandra

“Love Is Sweet” Sign made from sweets: hand made by Mother of the Groom

Rustic Wedding Signage: hand made by brother of the Groom

Personalised M&Ms:

Personalised Vintage Sweet bags: Mini Cookie Crafts

A few months ago, my husband and creative visionary Davey Terrific (yes he really is) came up with a shoot concept that we both thought would be a fantastic way to showcase some of the local fashion industry talent. Working in conjunction with Cotswold Style Magazine we were able to bring this concept to life and to a much wider audience and we are proud to say it features as the cover image and a four page fashion spread in this month’s edition [July ’14].

Cotswold Style July Issue Cover Image Fashion Shoot Model: Ashleigh Millman

Cotswold Style July Issue Cover Image
Fashion Shoot Model: Ashleigh Millman

The idea behind this shoot is simple: the eyes of the fashion world are so often drawn to London or Manchester but as massive advocates of supporting local business we wanted to focus purely on design talent and independent boutiques in the area and so the “Made in Cheltenham” concept was born.  We’ve made it our mission to work with the most talented people the area has to offer, so this was a perfect excuse to do just that.

“Made in Cheltenham” is an obvious play on the “Made in Chelsea” title but that’s where the similarity ends; there are no false smiles, backhanded compliments and appalling acting here!

We want to shout about our local designers – such as Kelly Thorne who provided two outfits for the shoot. These outfits epitomise contemporary Cotswold fashion; the first one shown below gives a nod to traditional tweed, but the cut & colour provide an exciting take on the traditional, suitable for the fashion-conscious lady of any age.

What tweed-clad lady is complete without an equally tweedy man? In the Cotswolds we’re surrounded by a plethora of stores that offer a great range of tweed but for this project we chose to work with Cheltenham-based Horace Barton, who provided our male model’s attire in the images below.  They provide a smashing range of outfits and a full service with bespoke tailoring to-boot. We loved their mix of classic Cotswold fashion juxtaposed with a great range of jacket styles, shirts, dapper bow ties and braces.  We love the addition of the suede gun shoulder patch on the jacket featured below; tres manly.

Fashion Shoot Models: Isabella Nash & Peter Lloyd She wears: He wears:

Fashion Shoot Models: Isabella Nash & Peter Lloyd
She wears:
He wears:

Fashion Shoot Models: Jess Bracey & Peter Lloyd She wears: He wears:

Fashion Shoot Models: Jess Bracey & Peter Lloyd
She wears:
He wears:

Another firm local favourite of ours is Olive Clothing.  Based just off Cheltenham High Street they provide a classy yet affordable take on the incursion of boho trends into high fashion. Simple lines, mainly pastel tones & flattering cuts – to us, that makes for some extremely wearable outfits that you can dress up or down depending on whether you’re going for festi-chic or girl-about-town.

Of course, the Cotswolds also houses a number of boutiques that specialise in sourcing the best in designer fashion, so the shoot wouldn’t have been complete without representing some of these choice brands. Montpellier-based Boutique 3 provided the outfit used on the cover image and also for the shots shown below from designer labels Stefanel, Graham & Spencer, Filippa K, Hugo Boss & Velvet.

In addition to Boutique 3, central Cheltenham-based Trapeze also kindly offered to be part of this shoot, providing key pieces from Vivienne Westwood, Paige, Maisin Scotch, Ganni, Diesel, Scotch & Soda, Lyle & Scott & Lacoste’s new collections. We fell in love with the green lace Gianni dress, so on-trend for this season.

Fashion Shoot Models: Ashleigh Millman & Malcolm Williams

Fashion Shoot Models: Ashleigh Millman & Malcolm Williams

Fashion Shoot Model: Malcolm Williams

Fashion Shoot Model: Malcolm Williams

Fashion Shoot Model: Jess Bracey

Fashion Shoot Model: Jess Bracey

No fashion shoot would be complete without jewellery and we wanted to show that Cheltenham has it’s own home-grown design talent.  We were lucky enough to have Stephanie Bates on-board who went the extra mile by painstakingly crafting some of the pieces you see especially for the shoot!  Now, these are truly some beautiful & utterly original creations for men & women.  They are most definitely classed as fine art jewellery and deservedly so; hand-crafted, each piece is unique and bespoke designs can also be made to order.

We love our shoes too and local designer shoe brand Keith Scarrott kindly provided some of this season’s finest footwear to complete our looks. Summer sling-back sandals, killer heels and some of the softest leather pumps you could ever imagine all feature.

Stunning Foxhill Manor provided the backdrop for our shoot and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect venue.  It’s exterior is quintessentially Cotswolds but step inside and you’ll find it super-charged with contemporary styling, uber-modern finishings and all the “of the minute” gadgets and gizmos you can shake a stick at, including it’s own media room equipped with home cinema, blackout blinds, gaming stations, surround sound and a multitude of coloured beanbag chairs, not to mention comic strip wallpaper.

Yes, much like many people’s pre-disposed concepts of the Cotswolds & Cotswold fashion, it may appear to be traditional & historic on the outside but I assure you, there is more there than meets the eye and if you look closer, you’ll see that there’s a veritable banquet of contemporary design when you delve deeper inside.

The shoot wouldn’t have been possible without hair & make-up artist Jodi Croft who styled a look to suit each outfit. She’s another local talent who we’ve worked alongside for many years and her professional styling never fails to hit the mark.

We were also lucky enough to be loaned the classic Bentley you see in the image below from Azure Cars. We felt that the classic elegance of the Royal Blue Bentley really set the tone for the shoot.

Finally, we would have nothing without the time, energy and fabulousness of our models and we’d like to personally thank each one of you for giving up your time and making it such an epic shoot;  Ashleigh Millman, Malcolm Williams, Jess Bracey, Isabella Nash, Peter Lloyd & Elliott Caunce

I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite shots that show the whole nine yards.

Fashion Shoot Models: Jess Bracey & Peter Lloyd She wears: He wears:

Fashion Shoot Models: Jess Bracey & Peter Lloyd
She wears:
He wears:

Fashion Shoot Model: Isabella Nash & Peter Lloyd She wears: He wears:

Fashion Shoot Model: Isabella Nash & Peter Lloyd
She wears:
He wears:


Full Credits:

Photography: Stefanie Calleja-Gera

Styling & Creative Direction: Davey Terrific

Hair & Make-up Styling: Jodi Croft






Models: Ashleigh Millman, Malcolm Williams, Jess Bracey, Isabella Nash, Peter Lloyd & Elliott Caunce

Behind The Lens

People always imagine that the ‘creative’ industry is a glamorous world, filled with exciting work by day and wild parties by night. Now, I have to say that I love my job and am absolutely thrilled to be able to get up and do what I love everyday BUT, it’s not always as glamorous as you might think and often entails far longer working hours than the average day job for nearly everyone involved, which can be a lot of people!

I wrote this blog post as a very brief look behind the scenes of what goes on before and during a typical shoot, and a nod to all those unsung heroes whose talent and professionalism under pressure make a photoshoot happen.
More often than not those beautifully styled shots that you see online or in a magazine can take hours to set up and weeks or months to organise!

It all starts with a brief or a brainstorm.

I usually knock on my husband’s office door saying “I’ve got this shoot coming up – can you help me with it?”

We’re both quite creative bods and as the old saying goes, two heads are indeed (usually) better than one! We often sit scratching our heads working out a plan of action on how to attack a shoot; covering anything from logistics, sourcing specific models, contemplating themes and styling, right through to creating or resolving technical elements. For instance on the featured shoot, we weren’t at all sure how to approach fastening the flowers to the corset (should they be wired? Wouldn’t that require a mesh over the corset? Then you wouldn’t see the shape of the corset?). There was a whole debate over methods and it was a combination of the florist and the dress designer working together that led us to our answer of using a glue gun!

Once we’ve ironed out the basics elements we want to achieve from the shoot, it’s time to get cracking.

Very often a stylist will be drafted in to source clothing, props & accessories to suitably style the shoot with. On a smaller shoot we do it in-house, but it just depends how much there is to do as it can be rather time consuming making calls, e-mailing & generally running around!

We always used to use Mood Boards, but recent times have steered us towards the use of Pinterest to pick out colours, hair & make-up styles, and even shot styles for putting together a visual overview for all involved to keep track of what is liked and to ensure we’re bang on trend!

If there is a clothes/dress designer involved, it can be months prior to the shoot that they then get started on the bare bones of an outfit based on meetings and visuals created to illustrate the subject we’ll be shooting.
Many other suppliers will be on standby at this point, quietly popping things to one side or ordering things in such as accessories, decorations and general props – depends on the shoot: if it’s a wedding focused shoot we have lots of companies involved usually working on all the different elements but with the same styling in mind – from table runners to candelabras to centrepieces and cake makers! For fashion shoots, it’s more about the products. If it’s a glam dress or outfit, it demands a statement necklace and earrings from a high end jeweller and super stylish shoes (and maybe a super stylish man to go with it)!

Suffice to say, shoot day is always a LONG day – this is where our lovely assistants earn their worth by selflessly lugging, running, panting, sweating, ironing, moving, hitching, shifting & packing – the poor things, but we all paid our dues at one point in life! On our recent shoot we were lucky enough to have our amazing photography assistant Sam Connell, also shoot some fab Behind The Lens shots for us (featured above).
All contributors to the shoot usually either deliver their products for us to use accordingly or depending on what the product is, they may stay at the shoot to ensure all runs smoothly and their product is captured to their specification (no pressure then)! Sometimes, it’s better if a client stays – not only can they sign off on shots, but they can also take responsibility for their items (had a client leave us with £50K worth of jewellery the other day and my husband had to spend the day doubling as a security guard!), but then again there is also that saying”too many cooks….”

We can have anything from a skeleton crew of 3 people (me, hair & make-up artist & model) up to 10 or 20 depending on the complexity of the shoot; me, creative director, assistant(s), hair & make-up artist , model(s), stylist, dress designer/client, dresser, florist, the list goes on…..and if it wasn’t for all these people and all the wonderful things they contribute in their own fields, we would never see the amazing photography we see every day in the media and online. Its a massive group effort to get these shoots to look as amazing and flawless as they do, with people working tirelessly often for very little (if any) money, to try and create something that people will stop and look at.

Don’t get me wrong, you do need to know that the team you pull together can achieve the results you envisaged. I always feel so fired up when doing a shoot and when working on the results of one, I feel like I can take on the world and really make a difference with the images I leave behind.

I leave you with a rather heartwarming quote about the merits of working together with talented people “the strength of the team is each member and the strength of each member is the team.”
I truly believe that.